Where is blue light coming from?

We learnt about the effects of blue light long before we got our hands on our first pairs of Avatude eyewear. Prior to being able to filter blue light, there were so many things affecting our sleep patterns and eye comfort.

Some of our team are avid gamers, who game late into the night (even the work nights – we can tell). Though, we can’t point the finger, when others of us binge watch our favourite series on Netflix equally as late and we’re all guilty of a little late-night phone scrolling when we should be asleep. There is, one, little miss perfect in the office who claims she does none of the above, thinking she had beaten the effects of blue light. That was… until, we pointed out that there are many other ways she is exposed to blue light that could be causing her poor-quality sleep. Spending all day in an artificially lit office, working on a computer for many hours… even going to the bathroom after dark and flicking on that light switch. All of these things, particularly using light bulbs and digital screens in the evening, disrupt our ‘internal body clock’.

Realising how many ways we can be over-exposed to blue light left us unable to point the finger at one another for turning up to work looking like red-eyed zombies. That was, until Avatude arrived. Nowadays we feel like fresh-faced spring chickens, after our good night’s sleep and all day eye comfort.

If you’re guilty of late night blue light exposure but don’t want to stay no to your Netflix fix or give up any of your game time, or if you simply need to be able to make that last bathroom stop after dark, get in on Avatude with us! Click here to check out the range.

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