What is Blue Light?

A little while ago, we were introduced to some great information about blue light. At that point, we didn’t really know what it was. What we did know however, was that many ailments were bantered about regularly in our office and boiled down to aging before our time. Dry, irritated eyes, headaches, eye-strain, struggling to get to sleep and poor-quality sleep leaving us tired. These are symptoms we have been experiencing daily. When we started learning about blue light, we quickly connected the dots between over-exposure to this type of light and our list of ailments. In case you’ve been experiencing similar, we’d like to share what we’ve learnt with you.

Symptoms of blue light over-exposure include:

  • Dry, irritated eyes
  • Digital eye strain
  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Poor quality sleep
  • Disruption to the circadian rhythm (natural body clock)
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches



Eye strain

The flickering and glare of digital screens affects the contrast and sharpness of what we are viewing. This leaves our eyes straining to see clearly.

Less Consistent Flow

The less consistent flow of blue light makes it more difficult to focus.

Macular Degeneration

More and more studies and research papers are linking blue light exposure to long term macular degeneration, which can lead to blindness.

Artificial Light

Spending prolonged periods in artificially lit environments can also lead to blue light over-exposure

Circadian Rhythm Disruption

Blue light disrupts our circadian rhythm, also known as our natural body clock. Our circadian rhythm affects our mood, memory, cognitive function and affects how alert we are. When our circadian rhythm is disrupted this affects our sleep patterns, making it more difficult to fall asleep and achieve a quality night sleep.

Good Blue Light

Blue light is emitted from the sun and a certain amount of natural blue light is good for us. However, over-exposure from prolonged periods using digital screens or spend in artificially lit environments negates the benefits of natural blue light consumption.


Now knowing this, we couldn’t move on without finding a solution. Fortunately, one of our clever managers has done just that. Now we wait eagerly in anticipation for Avatude Eyewear, a premium range of blue light filtering eyewear designed to enhance your digital life. We’re really looking forward to bringing this stylish and comfortable solution your way, so watch this space!

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