What is a snood?

When we started hearing the term ‘snood’ we had no idea what this strange new word meant. We did what anyone would do and hit up Wikipedia. We found some interesting historical uses for what looked to be a scarf, hair net, and even face mask like item. Ultimately though, it led us to learn that the term was about a piece of headgear.

A short time later we found ‘multi-purpose bandanas’ from one of our favourite brands PARA’KITO™. Exactly what the term snood had implied, except in really cool PARA’KITO™ designs! We’ve been amazed at the versatility of these soft, stretchy bandanas – they really met the ‘Didn’t Know I Need This’ criteria, something you didn’t know you’d need with a purpose, or in this case many a purpose.

Able to be worn in a multitude of different ways, we’ve been trying out a variety of styles and uses… a neck scarf, headband, wristband, hair-tie, face mask, hair cover, foulard, beanie and balaclava (just for fun) and there are still so many ways we’re yet to try.

Impressed with this great new find, we want to share them with you! We come up with this fantastic idea to get one (or more) your way… we pitched it to the boss and got the nod of approval.  To find out more about the great deal we’ve got that will get you a FREE multi-purpose PARA’KITO™ bandana click here!

You can thank us later 😉

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