Summer Survival Guide

We love getting out and about in the sun and enjoying the warm summer weather. However, creating memories in the great outdoors is not without its challenges. So we’ve created this summer survival guide so you can make the most of the season…


  1. Mask your mosquito appeal

Whether you’re relaxing in the back yard, sweating it out enjoying the great outdoors or dancing the night away at a party, the last thing you want is mosquitoes biting you to shreds! PARA’KITO is an all-natural range of mosquito protection including refillable wristbands (also available in Sports and Party editions) and easily attachable clips. PARA’KITO™ has you covered wherever you go, for bite free summer fun!


  1. Get ice cool instantly

If you find yourself overheating, injured from summer sports or needing to soothe a sting or bite, BLISMA Instant Ice Packs are easy to use with a quick shake and squeeze activation. These packs are so ice cool they provide unbeatable instant relief.


  1. Beat bacteria

Getting grubby is all a part of the fun! Whether you’re getting muddy hiking off the beaten track, or mountain biking flat stick down a dusty hill or have kids whose little hands can’t help but go exploring – BLISMA Organic Soybean Handwipes are the soft, moisture-rich, must have for every bag, pack or glove compartment.


  1. See clearly

It’s a great feeling to put on our favourite pair of sunglasses at the start of each summer. It isn’t long before we remember how difficult they can be to keep clean. Greasy fingerprints after sunscreen application, dust and smudges quickly blur our UV protected view. BRIGHTWIPES are individually wrapped lens cleaning wipes for optimum clarity and clean lenses! It’s so easy to scatter a few in your bag, glove compartment and keep them around the house.


  1. All around UV protection

You’ll no longer need to choose between sunglasses or reading glasses when you find that perfect sunny spot to relax and enjoy your favourite book. Our Bifocal Sunglass Readers have all your bases covered for relaxing reading and activities out in the sun.

To start putting together your own summer survival kit click here.

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