Must-Have Accessories Around the House

We’re fans of cool & interesting gadgets, tools and accessories to make life a little bit easier around the house. To start 2018 we’ve compiled a small list of some of the accessories we think are complete must-haves in any home.


This handy device for cleaning phones and tablets

This is seriously cool. Packed into this little plastic casing is a special carbon cleaning pad that will absorb oils and fingerprints from screens. It works on glass screens and screen protectors. We keep a bunch of them at home and around the office now to get those screens back to shiny and new condition at any time. Once you’ve cleaned the screen, the pad folds back into the case to recharge the carbon ready for the next clean. There’s a smaller sized one for smartphones too.


Ethically sourced cleaning wipes


Cleaning wipes are a must for any household. They are so versatile and can be used for cleaning glasses, phones, tablets, keyboards, car interior, surfaces, game controllers, remote controls – almost anything you can think of. Knowing that these Bright Wipes are ethically sourced and produced gives you peace of mind. We recommend keeping a few boxes around the house. You’ll be amazed at how many uses you find for them.



Stylish mosquito masking wristbands

‘Masking’ means to cover your human scent so mosquitoes can’t identify you. Think of masking products as providing an invisible protective bubble around you. Our pick is the all-natural essential oil based PARA’KITO wristband system. There’s no DEET, Icaridin or other chemical nasties in it. A pellet packed with essential oils is placed into a pocket on the wristband, meaning it doesn’t come in contact with the skin so there is less chance of reaction or irritation for you or your little ones. The pellets mask your scent round-the-clock for up to fifteen days and are then replaceable. They come in a variety of stylish designs, in both adult and child sizes. Word is they also have a really good repellent spray in NZ (that targets sandflies too!) that is coming to Australia very soon.


Reusable dry glasses cleaning device

These convenient glasses cleaners eliminate fingerprints and smudges from your lenses using carbon to absorb marks and smears. They work on both spectacles and sunglasses. The cool thing about the Peeps glasses cleaner is that you don’t have to carry messy sprays or dirty cleaning cloths around in your bag. Both the brush and the cleaning pads hide away in the compact plastic case – which comes in a bunch of fun colours so you’ll never lose it in your backpack, purse or handbag. We’ve also found these to be a really well-received gift for your friends and family.


Keyboard & Laptop Cleaner

This cleaning multi-tool combines the screen cleaning pad from the carbon ScreenKlean, with two different types of brushes – making it an all in one cleaning solution to keep your keyboard or entire laptop clean. There’s a cleaning wipe in the package for removing any hard bits stuck to the screen, a soft goats hair brush for dust, and a harder brush for getting between keys. We’ve been guilty of getting toast crumbs stuck in the keyboard while watching youtube at morning break – but now we’ve got the Laptop Pro to clean up afterwards.

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  • Amy Latour
    Posted at 00:18h, 23 January Reply

    I just got my Peeps glasses cleaner. Works great. Thanks!

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