Who Is Maud Le Car?

Maud Le Car is a rising star in the world of surfing, and the very first PARA’KITO™ athlete.

She has been steadily climbing up the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) ranking since PARA’KITO™ first started collaborating with her at the beginning of 2013. She is currently active in the competitive surfing world, and frequently ranks among the very top surfers in her class. In 2016, she won two events of World Surf League in both California, USA and Israel. She’s been to Australia many times, and is also an ambassador for Volcom, Vans and Electric.

On top of being one of the most promising French surfers of the moment, Maud is down to earth and great fun to be around! Her personal values are a perfect match for PARA’KITO™ and her surfer lifestyle truly embodies the essence of the brand. Surfing gives athletes great freedom and allows them to actively connect with nature.

At the moment, PARA’KITO are currently running a raffle where you can win a custom surfboard, painted by Maud herself – you can check that out here.

Maud and her outdoor lifestyle feature in a lot of the PARA’KITO™ marketing and promo images, as well as the 2015 YouTube hit “Surfing in High Heels.” She has also been an avid supporter of PARA’KITO’s Australian Breast Cancer Foundation involvement. You’ll see a lot more of Maud as we continue to promote our PARA’KITO™ range online. You can follow her on Instagram at @maudlecar.

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