FAKE CarbonKlean Products?! Don’t Be Fooled!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Recently we’ve found some overseas suppliers have noticed how well the Peeps™ glasses cleaner works, and have made an imitation version, selling online for a fraction of the regular price. It’s important to use an authentic Peeps™ by CarbonKlean, to ensure you’re getting a damage-free, hassle-free clean for your eyewear. After all, your glasses likely cost a fair amount of money, why would you risk cleaning them with a tool that only cost a few dollars?

Here are a few things to look out for to make sure you’re buying authentic Peeps™ by CarbonKlean. These examples are on an older design of official Peeps™ packaging, at the time of this article we weren’t able to get our hands on any imitations that featured the latest packaging.

1. The origin of your purchase.

If you’re buying Peeps™ from a reputable online retailer or in-store, that’s great- you’re most likely buying authentic. Imitation Peeps™ are most commonly sold on online marketplaces such as eBay or Wish, where the supplier is not entirely obvious. Take a look at the seller’s username, and see if it aligns with a well-known online store or not. Some suppliers of imitation Peeps™ are also landing customers with import taxes and fees on top of their original purchase!

2. No CarbonKlean or Lenspen branding.

CarbonKlean is the creator of Peeps™, and Lenspen is another of their well-known products. Authentic packaging will include a CarbonKlean or Lenspen logo on the outside of the box, and also on the included instructions sheet.

3. No Trademark lettering after “Peeps” logo.

Sometimes the imitation product will display “Peeps” instead of “Peeps™” Look out for the authentic trademark anywhere you see the Peeps™ logo.


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4. The brush retracts with very little pressure.

A real Peeps™ brush will stay out when extracted, so you can clean the lenses of any dirt or debris. An imitation Peeps brush will push back into the case if you apply a very light amount of pressure, risking scratching your lenses.

5. The cleaning pads on an imitation Peeps are circular.

An authentic Peeps™ cleaning pads are a rounded triangle shape, for reaching into the corners of lenses. We’re also not sure what the imitation peeps cleaning pads are made of, we definitely wouldn’t take the risk on our own glasses.

6. Extrusion mark

The imitation Peeps has a small, circular extrusion mark from using a cheaper method of production.

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