Christmas Gift Guide 2018

If there is one there is one thing we didn’t know, it was what we could get all our friends and family for Christmas. That is, until we sat down and got strategic about gift selection. Of course, here at Didn’t Know I Need This we love products with a purpose – so it goes without saying that we like to give gifts that keep on giving. With that in mind we’ve compiled this great list of gift ideas for Mum, Dad and the kids.


Top 5 gifts for Mum…


  • PEEPS is the perfect liquid free glasses cleaner small enough to be kept in Mums handbag or purse. She’ll never have to peer through specks and smudges with this handy tool close by. It has hidden carbon fibre pads and a gentle brush for the ultimate clean and is available in 6 different colours.

  • Sunglasses Readers – Let Mum enjoy her summer reading without sun glare with these outdoor bifocal reader sunglasses. Such a great all-in-one solution for those who need a reading powered lens but enjoy reading in the sun. These are the finishing touch to her outdoor reading and relaxation.

  • ScreenKlean – For the tech savvy Mum on-the-go, keeping all her digital screens clean can be a challenge. ScreenKlean will ensure a clear view on all her devices – keeping them free from fingerprints, smudges and bacteria. A compact tool easily kept in her bag.

  • PARA’KITO™ Mosquito Band –  You can’t beat the gift of a bite-free summer! Mosquitos won’t mess with Mum when she’s wearing her PARA’KITO™ Refillable Mosquito Band. Available in a variety of great colours and pretty designs, each band comes with two all-natural refill pellets, a month of 24 hour protection! Bands are waterproof, chemical free and suitable for those with sensitive skin and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  • Blisma Hot and Cold Packs – Motherhood can be exhausting, so bring Mum some soothing relief after her long hard day with BLISMA Hot + Cold Packs. Easily heated and cooled, she will love having these on hand at home or at the office to alleviate all sorts of aches and pains.

Top 5 gifts for Dad…



  • PARA’KITO™ Sports Band – He’ll be able to speed downhill on his mountain bike, hike high into the mountains, smack it with a racket and practice his golf swing late into the summer evening with his PARA’KITO™ Sports Edition – Refillable Mosquito Band. Lightweight, waterproof, sweatproof, with reflective stripes and a safety ID tag, Sports Edition bands are available in four colours and come with two refillable pellets that give round the clock protection for 15 days each.

  • Overspex – Great for Dads with prescription glasses and Dad’s looking for full coverage sunglasses. Perfect for driving, golfing, fishing and many more activities that are better enjoyed glare free and with UV protection. Overspex can be worn on their own or over prescription glasses and come in 12 different frame colours, 4 different frame styles and 3 different lens colours – this is a gift you can truly personalise.

  • Instant Ice Pack – Wherever he is, if Dad has aches, pains or experiences an injury he can enjoy instant relief with BLISMA Instant Ice-Packs. With an easy squeeze and shake activation these highly effective ice packs will bring instant and extremely effective cooling. An excellent addition to his tramping, camping or sports packs.

  • Anti-Fog Gel – For work, sports or outdoor activities, Dad can ensure his glasses and safety eyewear are fog free for an optimum clear view. KensSafe Anti-Fog Gel is the ultimate solution, suitable for all types of glasses, sunglasses and safety eyewear – including those with AR coating.

Top 5 gifts for Kids…


  • PARA’KITO™ Kids Mosquito Bands – These comfortable and brightly coloured bands are an all-natural way for kids to enjoy a mosquito bite free summer, playing to their hearts content. Available in 6 cool designs featuring cupcakes and ice-creams, polar bears and snowflakes, princesses, tucans, helicopters and sailboats, and crocodiles.

  • PARA’KITO™ Mosquito Clips – For the outdoorsy kids who enjoy camping, hiking, biking and more, PARA’KITO™ clips are easily attached to packs, bag, belts and zippers. An all-natural way to avoid mosquitos while on the go! Available in 6 colours and designs – jungle camo, black, grey, red, blue star and pink dot.

  • PEEPS – is a really cool little tool with a secret compartment hiding carbon fibre cleaning pads and with a sleek little lever that reveals a gentle brush. A great glasses cleaning accessory that is liquid free and easy to take wherever they go to clean their prescription, blue light or sun glasses. Available in 6 different colours.
  • Avatude Kids– Avatude Kids are the coolest new blue light filtering glasses. They are designed for young children through to adults in a variety of styles and colours and also available in reading powers. A rad new accessory they can look forward to wearing for better eye comfort while watching television, gaming, using computers, tablets and smartphones and sleep better at the end of a fun day.

  • Kids Cases – Kids will LOVE protecting their glasses with a cool case in their favourite design. There’s one for every little one who wears prescription, blue light or sunglasses in this collection which includes designs featuring butterflies, tiaras, magic wands, superhero masks, friendly faced dinosaurs, unicorns, shooting stars and rainbows, robots and fossil eggs and bones.

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