Blitzing Ailments With BLISMA

We must be careful in our office, if we ever have a complaint. One of our (genuinely lovely) Managers is a problem solver through and through. If you make a passing comment about any ailment, be it big or small, when you least expect it, he will return with the latest and greatest solution for you.

He is now very chuffed with himself, having ‘killed ten birds with one stone’ so to speak. He has brought us BLISMA. A new health and wellbeing range that includes Hot + Cold Packs, Instant Ice Packs and Anti-Bacterial Wipes. He hopes not to hear a peep out of any of us ever again about a long list of ailments including:

·         Headaches and migraines ·         Back pain
·         Toothache ·         Menstrual pain
·         Joint stiffness ·         Sprains
·         Muscular aches ·         Rheumatism
·         Insect bites ·         Bruising


Neither does he want to hear about the spread of germs in the office – as we should all be using our Antibacterial hand wipes! Knowing how proud he is of these solutions, we know he will ask that we change our previous statement to say he killed eleven birds with one stone (Blisma) – when we add the wipes into the equation.

We’ve got to hand it to the guy though, he’s clearly a very good listener to find a solution for all of us in BLISMA, well, we’re impressed to say the least.

We’re pleased to bring this great new range to you, some more fantastic problem-solving products that you didn’t know you needed!

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