3 Reasons Tablets are the Perfect Travel Companions

Tablets are light, sleek and, in a sense, the ultimate technological device. Not only that, but they are the perfect travel companion when it comes to technological devices. Don’t believe us? Just check out the three reasons below.

  • It Has The Same Features As Your Phone And Computer

  • You Can Take Pictures On It, And Then Upload Them To Social Media Immediately

  • The Entertainment And Education Value


1. It Has The Same Features As Your Phone And Computer

Tablets share many (almost all) of the same features as phones and computers, and that is especially true if you are connected to WiFi or have a data plan. The best part? Thanks to cloud services, you can access all of your documents from your phone or computer/laptop straight from your tablet when you’re away from home or the office.

If you really want to get fancy then you can buy a keyboard for your tablet, and then it can basically act like a tablet, only smaller and lighter. The only drawback is it can’t play high-spec games, although some mobile games are very fun and addictive!

You can work on documents, browse the internet, make video calls, text people and the list could go on and on. The best part? Your tablet can fit on the tray table on airplanes, which can’t exactly be said about every single laptop on the block. It’s also much easier to get a tablet in and out of your carry-on bag.

2. You Can Take Pictures On It, And Then Upload Them To Social Media Immediately

You can take a picture on your tablet and then upload it to social media immediately. Of course, you will need data and/or WiFi to make that happen.

You likely take a lot of pictures when you are traveling — because why wouldn’t you? — so having the ability to take photos on your tablet is a real treat. Of course, smartphones have this power as well. With that said, the bigger screen on the tablet is the reason why it is the real winner in this scenario.

Any serious traveler is probably bringing with them a dedicated camera as well, maybe a compact DSLR or mirrorless shooter. Well, when you’ve got your tablet with you – you can send photos straight from the camera to the tablet for near-professional editing on the go. Then you’re ready to upload straight to Instagram and show everybody back home where you’ve been.

3. The Entertainment And Education Value

When it comes to the entertainment factor, your tablet acts as a laptop but without all the bulk. You can get online, watch movies (via apps like Netflix), listen to music, download apps, play games, etc.

When it comes to the education factor, you can read articles, books, graphic novels, etc.

Tablets are essentially your laptop and phone combined into one. As a result, they make the perfect travel companion.

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